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IGRS Telangana: Encumbrance Certificate, Property Registration, E-Stamp

The department and the government of the Telangana State have decided to launch Igrs ts the Integrated Grievance Redressal System service for the residents’ development for the Telangana states.

Registration and the stamps department of the Telangana state the Government has decided to collect all the old age records and all the documents which were the same to the court as the good evidence for the citizen.

All the documents Registration was the notice to the public through all the Telangana state and court recorded details. So all the citizens of the Telangana states can easily verify the information and recorded related to their Rights and immovable property land.

In these articles, we are sharing all the useful information and all the details regarding the Integrated Grievance Redressal System service of the Telangana state.

Through the portal, all the citizens of the Telangana state easily able to file the complaint regarding any topic & any issues that which was always their getting troubles for it.

All the information in this article was regarding the important aspects to the portal for all the peoples of the Telangana states and all the list of services that are mostly available at the Integrated Grievance Redressal System service.

Follow all the steps correctly to the procedure in which you get your encumbrance certificate and we are sharing all the correct procedures to track the status stamp duty of the government.

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IGRS Telangana Official Details

NameIntegrated Grievance Redressal System
Launched byTelangana State Government
Whatsapp Number9121220272
BenificiariesResidents Of Telangana State Government
ObjectiveRegistration & Stamping
Toll Free Number18005994788
New Grievance Email Id[email protected]
Official websitehttps://registration.telangana.gov.in

Integrated Grievance Redressal System of Telangana

Integrated Grievance Redressal System was the website through which the residents of the Telangana state which carry all the different documents related to the land and carry all the important registration certificates.

Through the registration, the evolution of the official website, the Telangana states citizen can easily get important and sufficient documents without leaving their house and they can easily get all the important documents at their home without any trouble.

As we all know that sometimes, we are not able to go any place for the government issues because when we go to the government office they are many peoples such as us waiting in line to get one documents. So we have also faced the same issues when we want to get the documents at the government office.

In this time, the Integrated Grievance Redressal System of the Telangana State government will help all the citizens of Telangana state with their innovative service. By this innovative Service, all the citizens of Telangana states can easily get all the important documents at their houses.

IGRS TS Features and Benefits

  • They provide all the important government documents Like Aadhar at a home place so all the peoples get good Facilitates transparency and reduce all the fraud activities which were facing too many peoples in the Telangana states while their registration for the government documents.
  • All the peoples of the Telangana states can easily use the Telangana states Government portal for all the redressal of their grievances of the government documents.
  • All the peoples of the Telangana states do not have to much time to stand in the big line to get one documents.so they can easily save their time and reduces the manual work because they can easily get all the needly documents at their home town.
  • All the peoples of the Telangana States get the Good Facilities of the Telangana Government to get all the needy government documents at their own place.
  • All the implementation of the Integrated Grievance Redressal System will make all the government documents into the digitalization Process by giving all the needed
  • documents at their own residents.
  • The Integrated Grievance Redressal System will helpful for all the Telangana States peoples in giving all the different documents that are essential for the needed residents.
  • Through the implementation of the Telangana Government Portal, the peoples of the Telangana no longer have to visit the government office for certain documents.
  • The residents just have to go to the official Government website of the Telangana Government to apply for all the needed desired document and they easily get all the needed Government documents on their doorsteps of the Home Town.

Services Available At IGRS Telangana Government

Services of IGRS ts
  • Known Your SRO: All the peoples of the Telangana States can easily check the SRO jurisdiction’s Through this Telangana Government Portal at their Home by visiting the official website of the Telangana Government Launched and we are given in the below table.
  • Marriage Registration: You can easily Get the Hindu Marriages certificates by registration on the website. This website is not fro the Hindu Married Registration you can get all the caste Registration Certificates such as Muslim, Christian, Sik.
  • Society Registration: All the peoples of the Telangana can easily get the details of the pertaining to e-registration of societies Through this portal & to this government website.
  • Information on Chit Fund: You can easily get all the chit and chit registrar e-challan information through this service Portal.
  • Firm registration: You can easily get all the details pertaining to the registration of your firm through this service Portal.
  • Certified Copy: This Portal Service Allow you to get & Download copies of registered Certificates documents.
  • E-STAMPS: The stamps duty collection facility that been especially &basically online developed to curb fraud practices in stamp-based registrations & transactions.
  • Encumbrance Search: This Portal Service Allows you to search for the Encumbrance on all the property that’s registered in Sub-Registrar’s offices of the Government.
  • Market Value Search: This portal service allows you to check all the market value searches such as agriculture and non-agriculture land rates of all the Telangana States Villages of all the specific Districts.
  • IGRS Telangana EC Registration: Encumbrance Certificate Documents required in all the property transactions.it serves all the proof of the owner’s property of the land.
  • Prohibited Property: This Portal service Allow you to get all the details & You can check all the details & list of prohibited properties in a particular village of a specific Telangana district. 

IGRS Telangana eEncumbrance Statement

After a long time finally, the government of India has fulfilled the dream of all the Telangana citizens to search thier own encumbrance Statement on thier own & any person property registered process in Sub registered office.

All the process of the sub registered office made eEncumbrance process with the advent of the information technology based.So now all the citizen of the telangana state can easily check eEncumbrance statement on the official website of telangana state government.

if you like to generate the source of the eEncumbrance details for your own eEncumbrance documents & eEncumbrance certificate which was obtained in the sub registrar office of the Telangana government.

Step 1: Visit the offical website

Step 2:Then search for eEc option in the official website

Step 3:Now enter your Document Number & year of the Document

Step 4:Enter your New House No & Previous House No with the City ,Town,Village,and with the flat number.

Step 5:Now Enter your Surve number in the Revenue Village Option

Step 6:Finally Select your near SRO office of the District.

Step 7: Click on the submit button to process.

IGRS Telangana EC Search Process

Igrs ts EC Search Process, you can easily search for the encumbrance on all the property & on your own property that was registered in the Sub-Registrar’s office of the Telangana Government.

Before this portal service not available of the Telangana States Government all the peoples have to go Registrar’s office to get an encumbrance service & to obtain the encumbrance service and all the peoples have to stand outside of the office in a big line.so all the peoples getting to much trouble to known the property encumbrance.

After getting the online service of the encumbrance transaction & certificate available on the official website of the portal so all the peoples can easily download the certificate at thier home. you can easily get an encumbrance certificate before the year 1984  you don’t need to contact the concerned SRO office.

Steps to Process Search Igrs ts Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance Search
  1. First, visit the official website of Telangana to Registration & Stamp Department.
  2. When you Visits the website on the Home Page of website, click on the “Encumbrance Search (EC) Option which was located on the bottom right-hand corner of the Home page which was under the online service option.
  3. When you click on the Encumbrance Search (EC) where you have to give a lowdown on what EC about it was.
  4. Read All the instructions properly & carefully and click on the submit option.
  5. After Clicking on the Submit option it will automatically redirect you to another page, where you have to select the search criteria in the Dropdown section.
  6. Now you can see two options
    1. Search by Document No
    2. Search by Form Entry
  7. Select your own criteria to option After than you will have to enter the first few letters of your SRO Names & SRO Year of registration.
  8. If you select the second option of Search By Form entry Then you will have to search by filling in the required fields, including house number, district name, and SRO details, flat number, and all the things they asked.

Steps to Search IGRS Market Value

  1. First, visit the official website, Then select the Market Value Search Option which was located at the bottom right corner of the Home page under the online service option.
  2. Now the website asked you to choose one option among two options such as agricultural and non-agricultural rates.
  3. Then Select Your Village, Mandal, District, and click on the Submit Button Option To complete all the process of Market Value.

Steps to Find the SRO of Telangana State

  1. First Visit the Official Website https://registration.telangana.gov.in/ then click on the SRO option.
  2. Now the website shows you Two option
    1. Know Your Jurisdiction SRO.
    2. Village Directory.
    3. Know Your SRO
  3. If you Select the First option, Then you will automatically be redirected to another page where you can find All the options of Your Village, Mandal District In the Dropdown menu of that page.
  4. Now you have to Select Your Village, Mandal, District.
  5. Know Your Jurisdiction SRO
  6. After selecting, click “submit” to check your SRO.
  7. If You Select The Second Option Called Village Directory Then You Will Received This as Described In the below Image.
  8. district Directory in igrs ts

Steps to get IGRS Certified Copy

  • First, you have to visit the official website and click on the Certified Copy Option.
  • When you click on the Certified copy option the website automatically redirects to another page where you have to click on either “Certified Copies of Registered Documents (On Payment)” or “Certified Copy of Document (New Registrations Only)“.
  • If you click on the First Option Now they Automatically Redirect to another page where you have to select the SRO Option year, district, and documents number to get all the details of the certified copy.
  • if you click on the second option, the website automatically redirects to a new page where you will be redirected to a page where you have to enter your registered mobile number and security code to get certified copy details.

Note: While you are purchasing the property from the online portal you most have to pay the charge for the registration and stamp duty.

Telangana IGRS Android App

All the Telangana resident peoples can easily download the Igrs ts Telangana Android App for your own resident EC at any place at the time. But You need to go to the Google Play Store to download the Android App.

Where you can easily search for all the government documents for the IGRS of Telangana EC into much Quick and Mind free manner by Logging in to the official Telangana  Registration and Stamp Department portal on the Andriod App.

IGRS Ts Android AppIGRS Telangana Android AppDownload Here

IGRS Telangana Registration Rules

All the IGRS Telangana Registration Rules were under the Registration section of Act 1908. All the following Registration rules were made by the Commissioner and General Inspector of Registration & Registration stamps department of the Telangana Government.

All the rules of the Registration process power was conferred by the Andhra Pradesh under section of 101 act in the year 2014.After the andhra pradesh seperated from the telangana hereby some of the following order:

Order 1:The order of the Registration rules made under the Andhra Pradesh government under the act of 1908 was Adaptation by Telangana in the year 2016.

Order 2:The order of the Registration process came into the force from the 2nd June 2014.

Here some of the following order which came in the act

  1. In these All rules, there is anything repugnant in the subject or
    (1) The Registration Act,
    (2) Section of the Registration Process
    (3) All the Rule made under the Act for the
    (4) Registration Office
    (5) Registering Officer
    (6) Government of Telangana.
  2. All such documents and maps shall, for the purposes of Sections 43 and 48, be deemed to have been and to be registered in accordance with the provisions.

IGRS Telangana FAQs On Registration Act

Q1: What is the Encumbrance Certificate?

Encumbrance Certificate was the record of the registered transactions pertaining  to any property land such as sale, mortgage & any other problems of the immovable property which was totally registered which was indexed by the Registration Department.

Registration Department has been indexed ultimately converted property generate into an encumbrance certificate. In the Telangana, encumbrance certificate was issued by MeeSeva Centres & Sub Registrar and District Registrar Offices of the Telangana State.

Q2. How was the Ownership Immovable Property Acquired?

The property owner can Acquired Immovable Property in the following steps:

  • You can easily download the SVGPerfect to use the vector icon on the desktop at own icon workflow.
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the will.
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the way of purchase.
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the Gifts & Trusts.
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the Grants & Gifts by the Government.
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the partition deed
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the court decree
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the act of the parties
  • The person can Acquire immovable property by the operation law.

Q3: Which Following Documents Required For the Compulsorily Documents?

The person has to Required deeds of the immovable property of the testamentary instruments which was the purport to operate to create, declare, assign, the limit the value of rupees to immovable property value of the property such as sale, mortgage, partition, release, settlement of the immovable property.

Some of the Non-testamentary instruments which was transferring of the court order & any award such was the decree to create declare, assign, limit or extinguish in the present of the immovable property owner.

 The documents which was containing the contracts to transfer for the consideration & for any  immovable property was the purpose of section 53A of the transfer property Act 1882 shall be registered  if they have been executed of the land Registration.

Q4: It Is Necessary to Get the Documents Regsitration In the Office of Sub Registration For Khata Transfer Of Property Acquired?

No, it was Not Necessary to Get the Documents Regsitration In the Office of Sub Registration For Khata Transfer Of Property Acquired because after the death of the property owner such as wife, children, male & female, married & unmarried may be respective personal law can easily get the Patta/Khatta transferred of the death certificate of the owner with the details of property By the following officers.

Q 5:How to Effect Partition of Property?

If all the property parties have the share and also have the common right in the property then partition must be effected. if any property shareholder can be the effect through the instrument then such an instrument must be compulsorily registered surely.

  • So the stamps duty of the partition must be paid because it is to be compulsorily registered or not been completed
  • shareholder of the property of the partition must agree with all the partition to give equal share among all the shareholders

Q 6: What is the meaning of Will Documents?

A person given the document of the testamentary for the bequeaths of his own property to be effective while he die is called will documents.The personal property of the die person favour it is bequeathed.

Q7:Who Was the Execute Will ?

Any person above the age of 18 years can be the Execute will of the property.But that person have the good and mentally skrill to be the Execute will of the property.

They are many person who was caused by the fraud & by the force is not valid as the Execute will of the property.Here in the below paragraph they are some steps to be the Execute will.

  • Parents and guardians of the property person cannot be the member of the Execute will on the behalf of the minors
  • A property will have the two witnesses with him to become the property will
  • A person who was arrest for any case & deed writer can’t be the witness of the will.
  • The beneficiary of the property will not sign with an attesting witness.
  • The beneficiary of the property should not required any stamp duty to be paid. the beneficiary will drafts on the white paper also it be valid documents.  

Q8: Where We Can Register & What was the Fee of the Registered?

We can easily Registered in any any office of the registered office of the District and we can easily registered on the online official website with the payment of RS 500/ as the challan fees of the registration.

Q9: What are the Documents Required for the Registration under the Act of the Telangana Government?

The Act of Telanagana Governement was under the act of 22-A of the Registration which was also under the act of 1908 as the presently Registration stands

Here the Following Documents Required For the Regsitration Under the Act of Telangana Government:

  • All the important Documents Required for the immovable property to transfer of the alienation & under the state & center government statues.
  • All the important documents required to transfer property by the way of selling which was come under the act of property agreement selling & exchange which was the respect of the immovable property owned by the state & center government which was truly executed by the property person statutorily empowered.
  • All the important documents required to transfer property by the way of selling which was come under the act of property agreement selling & exchange which was the respect of the immovable property of 10 years in the respect of an immovable property which was owned by the  Religious and Charitable under the purview of the Andhra Pradesh Charitable &Hindu Religious under the act of 1987.
  • Agriculture& urban land of the Andhra Pradesh which was an under-declared surplus of land which was come under the act of 1973 & urban land which was come under Act 1976. 
  • All the important Documents Required for the immovable property to transfer of the alienation & under the state & center government statues & class of the documents property pertaining notification prohibit registration which was allowed accrued interests of Central and State Governments.
  • For the purpose of the property of subsection the state government shall notification shall be published after obtaining the reason of the properties furnished by the District Collectors.  

Q10:What are the main powers of the Attorney?

They are mainly two types of power of the Attorney:

1:General power of the Attorney:General power of the Attorney which wa executed by the property owner in the favor of other person which was given to act on generally which may be include all the management power of the property owner &court matter of the sale & mortgage  issued of the property.

2:Special Power of Attorney: Special power of the Attorney can easily authorizing the agent to present the property document to the Registering Officer which was also concerned and admit the execution to attested by the Sub Registrar/Registrar in India except in Jammu and Kashmir.if the law resided in Jammu and Kashmir then the power of the Attorney has to be arrested by the Magistrate law.

Frequently Questions On Stamp Duty

Q1:What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty was the kind of tax levied on instruments of the property Documents which was given by the registration officer of the telangan government

Q2:How to Pay the Stamp Duty and where You can Pay ?

If you like to Purchase stamp so you can easily purchased from the  treasury or licensed of the sub-registrar offices & adhesive stamps ORPayment to the Government through DD

The stamp documents can be written on the plain paper &and stamp duty can be paid through DD & you can easily pay to ny nationalised bank of india scheduled bank or challan within one year from the date of execution of stamp documents.so it can be certified  by the District Registrar officer under the section of 41&42 of indian stamp section act of 1899.

in the year 2003 the government of india was introduced system of the challan for the documents of registration process.When the Telangana state sepearted from the Andhra Pradesh the non judicial stamp paper only available of Rs.10/-, Rs.20/-, Rs.50/-, Rs.100/.

So all the peoples Telangana who Require to get the document registeredwhich was use this lower denomination NJ Stamp papers which was easily obtained from the Sub Register offices from the Licensed stamp vendors or post-offices.

Q3 :How To Know the Market Value of the Property?

As per the Government law under the section of A7A of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, market value of property was the value of the sold property in the open market.

The government was formed to estimate the Committees market value of the property would be surveyed and enquire value of the different location in the open market of India.so the government should be collecting the data from the different sources & open sources of the audition which was conducted by HUDA and in the urban development the data collecting from the authorities, Banks, Financial Institutions & registered documents reflecting real consideration.

The committees of the property market value hearing the objective from the public will modify amend the proposals or if they found the objections then the public will go ahead to approve the proposed values. So the urban and rural committee can easily fix the market value of the property from the revenue department  Municipal, Zilla Parishad, Registration Department officials.

When the property document is presented to the Sub registration the government gives the slip of the market value form about the market value of property.if the property owner agrees to pay stamp duty fee on such value of the market so he will be the register.

Frequently Questions On Society Registration?

Q1: What was the Society &Association?

The Society &Association was the organized group of people with full of aim of objectives of non-profitable service.Registration of the Society & Association will have the legal recogintion so it will run the society with full of discipline.

Q2: What are the main purpose of Society & Association was Formed?

The main Purpose of the society & Association was Formed for the main reason such as :

  • For the welfare of the Society Art, Fine Arts, crafts
  • For the welfare of the Society Educational, charity, cultural, literature and religious;
  • For the welfare of the Society Sports (excluding games of chance);
  • For the welfare of the Society Knowledge of commerce and industry;
  • For the welfare of the Society Political education and training;
  • For the welfare of the Society Maintaining Library;
  • For the welfare of the Society Collection/preservation of historical monuments, technical and philosophical research which can easily promote scientific temper
  • For the welfare of Society knowledge& public purpose.

Q3: What are the Main Difference Between Trust &Society Registration Act of Andhra Pradesh?

Trust  Society  
Trust deed of the property can be registered only in the office of the Sub Registered  Society is Authority competent of District Registrar office
There are only two types of trust such as public & private trust  The development and welfare of the whole society depend on the  
Anybody can be the form of the trust without any restriction with the number of persons  Only minimum 7 person can be required to fill the form of the society  
All the development run by the trustee  All the development of the society run by the Executive committee  
All the management of all the things was under the control of the trustee  All the management was under the control of general body  

Q4: Can Registration Societies Be Amalgamation with Another society?

YesRegistration Societies Be Amalgamation with Another society because in section 21 of Andhra Pradesh government in the act of 2001 with the subject of Amalgamation with another society will be the special resolution of both society & good for all the society and also for the confirmed by the resolution at the second meeting of the society which was convened interval of one month which was getting amalgamated  into one society with or without any dissolution.

All the society have the special resolution which divided itself into more than two society such special resolution shall contain for the division of the all the assets of the society and also the liabilities of all the society among them they are to many new societies into which it proposed to divide itself with the area of operation of the society.

Q5: What was the Procedure followed by the Dissolution of the Society?

Under the section act of 24 a society passing the resolution dissolve with the prior Registrar and also they take to many necessary steps for the disposal and for the settlement of the property of all the society.

In all the event of the state government any dispute getting among the members of the Committee of the society the adjustment of the affairs should be reffered to the court for the justice so the court must make the such order in the matter of the appointment of liquidator.

All the society dissolved comes in the under of this 24 section act shall the file with the Registrar a full report was showing that the property of the owner has been disposed of already.it was upon the dissolution of any society after the satisfaction of all the debts and liabilities pf property remains.so the same shall of the property not be delivered to any distributed members of the society

Frequently Questions On Marraige Registration

Q: What are the Good Advantage of the Married Certificate?

A Certificate of the married was the good documents of the valuable evidence as to be the real fact of the marriges Certificate of marriage was the documents which was providing social security confidence among in all the marrried women.

Certificate of the married is useful in getting easy visa for all the married wife and also for all the married male.it also help to claim the bank deposits & life Insurance benefits the depositee or the Insurer dies.

Q:What are process To Get the Your Married Certificate?

If you married in the Hindu caste so the act of the Hindu married registered can be done in the office of the married registered with the jurisdiction of married which has been taken place in the office of married jurisdiction which has been bridegroom for the least of six months immediately after the date of marriage.

Q: Where are married Certificate office Located in Andhra Pradesh?

The married certificate must be issued in the office of the immovable porperty registration.the office of the married certificate usually located in the aluk Head Quarters/District Head Quarters.the list of all SRO Jurisdiction which was located in Hyderabad  Municipal Corporation area,he Deputy Inspector General, Hyderabad and Deputy Inspector General, Ranga Reddy (East), Deputy Inspector General, Ranga Reddy are empowered to register the marriages of their respective jurisdiction.

Q: What are restrictions Under Hindu Marriage Act?

There are some following steps which was the restrication under Hindu Marriage Act 1995 and also special married act 1954 Bridegroom which was desire to marry should not have the permission to married to become wife /Husband  who cannot voluntarily give consent for marriages owing to mental illness is not eligible for marriage.

Married of that couple who are really capable of giving consent to each other husband/wife but if that couple is not capable for the child to unsound mind cannot be the married registered. Those suffering peoples from the ineligible for solemnization of marriage are given the degree of the prohibited relationship.they are also be the ineligible for the married they can be the permit of the married according to the custom.  

Q: How to Get the Married Registration?

If your are Registration under the Hindu married act these are some following steps to get married Registration 

Application for marriage has to fill all the prescribed form with Full names and address of the bridegroom and also full names & address fo the bride with the signatures of the bridegroom and also the signatures of the Bride so they Bridegroom and bride must have the 3 attesting witnesses present at the time of marriage along with their names and addresses proof.

  • They must have to bring Joint photo of bride and bridegroom at the Registration Office
  •  They must have to bring wedding card of the bride and bridegroom at the Registration Office
  • They must have to bring Date of Birth proof certificates like SSC marks memo, copies of passport, residential proof should be presented to the Registrar of Marriage.

Bride and Bridegroomshould be the notice of all the intended married with in 30 days with the advance of the solemnization of the married along with the prescribed fees.they not have to leave the unless 30 days with the  jurisdiction of marriage officer after giving the notice.

if they were no jurisdiction of marriage officer has received any objection within the 30 days from the date of the notice intended of the married  bridegroom and bride should have to appear before the Marriage Officer within next 60 days after the initial of 30 days from the notice with three witnesses for the solemnization of the married

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